At the core, my job’s a simple one: I ask people questions and write about what they say.

I currently work for Ohio Public Radio’s StateImpact Ohio. The education reporting project has me logging lots of miles as I drive across the state covering stories affecting students, parents, and policymakers. For the past year and a half, my home base has been Cleveland’s WCPN/WVIZ, where I can be found producing stories, monitoring the StateImpact website and Twitter account, occasionally appearing on the station’s radio and television shows, and venturing to the Starbucks conveniently located across the street.


Before landing in Cleveland, I was an enterprise reporter at the Beaver County Times. I graduated with a masters’ degree in broadcast journalism from Boston’s Emerson College in 2013. During that time, my work appeared on the websites of both The Boston Globe and the Boston Herald, along with the Huffington Post. You can get more detail on those stints by taking a look at my resume.

Aside from reporting, I love cracking bad jokes, attempting to cook, running half marathons, and laughing with my friends and family.


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